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Found on the Burnett River, Bundaberg City has got a lot in store for locals and tourists alike. Situated around 229 miles from Brisbane, and found in Queensland, the city actually offers a lot of waters and beaches to the people. Locally known as ‘Bundy, ‘ the city itself is well-known for its exquisite beaches and other oceanfront sights.

Aside from the ocean, there is definitely a lot to see in this town. The Bundaberg Rum Distillery, as well as the Mon Repos Turtle Rookery are some of those tourist spots. Head on over to the Bundaberg Barrel, as well, or take a dip in the stinger-free beaches. Of course, who can forget about the Great Barrier Reef? If you love driving, on the other hand, grab a 4WD and drive around the National Parks, or you can also fish in the parks without the crowds as that of typical cities.

Bundy is found at the centre of the Wide Bay-Burnett. The name of the city, as said to be an artificial combination, came from the Kabi Aboriginal word ‘important mean, ‘ plus the German suffix for ‘mountain.’ It is also called as the “Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef” because the city is situated near the southern part of the reef. It is also quite near the Islands of Lady Musgrave Islands and Lady Elliot.

Don’t be surprised if you see flying foxes around the city all throughout the day. They live around the Burnett River’s northern part, just between the Don Talon bridge and the Burnett bridge. They leave their habitat during dusk, and then go around the city to find food.

The Mystery Craters are also found in South Kolan, where holes are mysteriously filled up with water. However, beaches are very popular in this city, as well. The Moore Park itself has golden sandy beach of over 20 kilometres. Aside from the Moore Park, there are numerous beaches around the south Burnett River. However, the Kellys Beach is the most popular for families during the summer months.

Bundaberg City has a subtropical climate, with rather mild winters but hot summers. The average rainfall every year is around 1141 millimetres. Typically, its temperature is very pleasurable to tourists and locals who love water sports and sunbathing.

The city has an airport which services flights to the Lady Elliot Island and to Brisbane. Besides flights, you may also reach the city by bus which travel to other parts of the country, as well. The airport sits beside the Central Queensland University, whose main campus is found in North Rockhampton also in Queensland.

Bundaberg is sister cities with Settsu City found in Japan, and Nanning in China. Its industry is mostly composed of sugar cane and sugar, as refineries and mills for sugar cane. They also export sugar to other countries, as well. Vegetables and fruits are also some famous industries in the country, with tomatoes, watermelons, legumes and others as some popular crops. The local beverage producer, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, is also found in the city.

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