Discover Hervey Bay on the Queensland coast of Australia

European settlers first came to Hervey Bay in the early nineteenth century, raising cattle and planting sugar at different times. These days, a diverse array of people call the city home. In fact, numbers continue to grow here so that the town you see today may look quite different a year or two from now. A visit to this coastal city provides the chance for golfing under the sun, sky diving, or just relaxing on the beach.

Hervey Bay humpback whales One thing that will stay the same is amazing scenery. Find a great shoreline outpost or board a dedicated cruise boat in search of humpback whales. These sea visitors make a regular appearance, wowing the patient viewer who has his binoculars trained out to the watery horizon.

For a different kind of cruise, get on board a four wheel drive vehicle for a tour of Fraser Island. Hervey Bay provides an launching pad for those desirous of a look at this World Heritage site. Features of note include sites of significance to the Aborigines who first populated the island plus over two hundred species of birds. Be very patient and quiet: you could see a dingo.

Tour operators like to make things as easy as possible for out of town guests. Most will pick visitors up from their city centre hotel. The horseback riding guides are among these, taking clients out to meet their equine rides for a two and a half hour tour plus refreshments. There are so many ways to meet new friends on the road.

Kids and parents with a competitive streak take heed: Golf n Game activity complex offers the chance to engage in some serious mini-golf competition. While father and son tee off, mom and daughter can enjoy a refreshing splash at the water slides. A free and fairly new water attraction has also opened up in Hervey Bay. Here there are interactive water games for kids under five and over five to take part in respectively. One can also walk the boardwalk, enjoy a drink at the coffee shop, and marvel at the use of recycled rainwater which supplies the park.

A different kind of competition pits man against fish: in this case, varieties of perch, trout, cod, snapper and more. Best your aquatic nemesis from one of many locations on land or out at sea. Other popular sports include diving and sailing.

Backpackers rejoice: Hervey Bay knew you were coming. There are several locations for you to stop and sleep, saving money for adventure instead of spending it on silk sheets. Select from a homestead or hostel style location where a common room, pool and other amenities await your enjoyment. If you brought the family in your RV, maintain a tight holiday budget by choosing a caravan park.

Not everyone has to choose between well-appointed room and enjoyable activities. Start with a Hervey Bay motel offering single or family rooms and just a bit of luxury. Move on to resorts and apartments with spas and self-catering amenities. Even look into a time share arrangement.

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