Paradise In Down Under, The Gladstone Region

Queensland is a majestic work of art coming from Nature. Its unscathed scenic beauty has earned it as the most sought tourist spots in the world. It is world-renowned inviting various walks of life to enjoy and savor the finest preserved nature. The preservation of the Great Barrier Reef proves that its settlers are serious in their goal to achieve a more harmonious and greener world. Undoubtedly it is a part of the wonders of the modern world. There are other unexplored terrains in this state one of which is the Gladstone region.

Gladstone Admittedly this harbor city is a paradise unknown to many. Located in the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, its majestic scenery is exemplified outstanding lake shores, poignant scenery and long beaches. It is also a home to a variety of national parks for those who would want to experience the great outback. The spirit of nature can greatly reflect on the breathtaking peaks of Mt. Castle tower National Park. Amazingly this ragged beauty that provides recreational escape and rejuvenating soul for both its settlers and tourists.

The Port City to the World is also the Engine Room of Industry for Queensland. It production of alumina is the largest in the world. No wonder its economy is stable despite industrial economic crisis. Queensland has maintained a stable spot in the industry of trade, investment and commerce. There are a number of good Gladstone Accommodation options available.

Historically Captain James Cook and his crew were enticed with its sub- tropical weather setting foot on this land in 1770. It is an ideal getaway towards outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, boating and surfing. These are just a few of the activities you can do year-round in this once called ghost town. Currently tourists are encouraged to join sport fishing to appreciate its marine abundance. The most sought fishes would be the red emperor fish, Spanish mackerel and coral trout. One can fish near the reef where they are mostly located. Obviously the development of this charter boats departure point has grown dynamically in a progressive town.

Lake Awoonga Most tourists could not wait to go to Lake Awoonga. This inland waterway in between Calliope and Dawes Ranges is a home to the most renowned barramundi. The large plateau also serves as a home to 300,000 fishes and 200 species of birds. There is also recreation areas where you can go for swimming and hiking. If you are lucky you might get free barbecues.

National parks have been maintained to add to its cinematic experience. The vast region is covered with evergreens and unexplored areas. Exploring it can be rejuvenate the soul and clear our minds. Its coastal topography excites nature lovers thus they often consider four-wheel drive racing in its uneven terrain.

Australians are good caretakers of our environment. Preserving marine life has been the passion of this city. Museums and sanctuaries were established throughout Queensland to preserve endangered marine species including turtles. No wonder its white shores is filled with unscathed eggs and turtle hatch-ling.

The natural beauty of Queensland amazingly has withstood the change towards modernization. Despite the existence of technology the legacy of maintaining the best of Nature has lived throughout the ancestry. It is a complete balance of nature and technology.

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