Lend a Hand on Your Next Holiday

Planning a holiday soon? Then why not do it while lending a hand in preserving some of Australia’s most iconic landscapes? Wild Mob ( is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation dedicated to protecting Australia’s unique biodiversity through practical conservation and rehabilitation programs. Volunteers on the one-week trips can expect a balanced mix of environmental work, biodiversity education and plenty of time to enjoy the natural surroundings by hiking, snorkelling or simply relaxing. Each project offers its own experience, from a secluded island in the Whitsundays to rugged coastline in Tasmania to views of Australia’s highest mountain peaks.


The most popular project is on Brampton Island, located off the central Queensland coast. Volunteers work to remove invasive weeds from the national park’s sensitive beach scrub habitat, clean beaches of plastics and other ocean debris and conduct informal wildlife and coral surveys. A guided hike offers insights to the area’s unique biodiversity and the interactions between the island, surrounding reefs, ocean and mainland. During free time, volunteers have the opportunity to go snorkelling, explore the island’s hidden beaches or just sit under a tree with a good book. Project dates run from April to November. For more information on Wild Mob’s Brampton Island conservation project, visit:


Wollemi National Park plays host to another of Wild Mob’s environmental conservation programs. This newly created project is based just west of Sydney, set within Wollemi National Park’s breathtaking views of canyons, cliffs and undisturbed forests. Volunteers take part in species surveys, designed to help track and eradicate introduced feral cats, dogs and other animals, along with general park maintenance work. Informal Indigenous cultural education helps volunteers better understand the region’s natural processes and the customs of the local Wiradjuri people. For free time, volunteers can swim in the area’s pristine waters, hike its remote forests or canoe through its quiet wetlands. Project dates run from April to October. For more information on Wild Mob’s Wollemi conservation project, visit:


Wild Mob’s other conservation projects include coastal restoration work in Tasmania, endangered wallaby protection in Queensland, and invasive weed eradication in Mt Kosciuszko National Park. Wild Mob supplies all tents, food and equipment for projects. Groups are always welcome – including school groups and families, and private bookings can be arranged. For more information, visit, call (0)7 3369 9665 or e-mail

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