Jervis Bay one of the true gems of the New South Wales South Coast

For years, New South Wales’ south-east region has been known both locally and internationally as one of the most spectacular places in Australia. Amazingly, Jervis Bay only recently received much deserved recognition in being named a National Park.

The clearest blue water and the whitest sand in the world can both be found at Jervis Bay. Watch as dolphins glide through the water. Dolphins aren’t the only creatures that call these waters home. Whales are often seen along the Bay. Humans enjoy the tranquil surroundings as well: fishing, diving, and other water sports are all popular ways to explore the area.

The Botanic Gardens and Booderee National Park are nearby and won’t disappoint. Beautiful locations in the National Park include the Hole in the Wall, Bristol Point, Scottish Rocks, and Green Patch Beach. From the National Parks Visitor one can find more information about boat ramps, bushwalking trails, picnic and barbecue equipment and camping areas. Another interesting site of the area is the old, demolished lighthouse just south of Jervis Bay.

The most spectacular point in the area is probably Greenpatch Beach. The views from this spot offer an interesting contrast, with the HMAS Creswell set amidst the immaculate natural bush and vast ocean. The already magnificent colors of Jervis Beach are intensified by the sun’s reflection, giving the ocean its clear blue color and the coast its brilliant white sand.

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