Nelson Bay – the unsung secret of New South Wales

Nelson Bay, NSW is one of the unsung secrets that allot of tourist seems to know about. If you’re looking for a fun vacation laced with affordable accommodation, warm locales and a number of other different aquatic activities to engage in, then Nelson Bay, NSW is your superlative location. Located in Port Stephens, Nelson Bay offers miles and miles of calm coastal beaches, sky blue water and a rich, colourful local history. Every year, many tourists visit Nelson Bay, NSW to enjoy its many delights. Few people every leave unsatisfied.

It’s hard deciding what the strongest selling point Nelson Bay, NSW is. Its marine offerings are without doubt impressive. There is great surfing action for people who want to enjoy the thrill of riding the waves. If you’re more of a viewer than a spectator, it is possible to go dolphin watching out in the waters or visit some of the aquatic reserves within the region. You may also go canoeing and fishing with friends.

With calm waves against the shore, Nelson Bay has a number of the safest beaches in the world. However, most of the tourists to Nelson Bay inevitably end up taking of their shoes and diving into the cooling waters of the bay. The coastline of Nelson Bay is full of beautiful marine wildlife which makes it the perfect location for scuba diving and snorkelling. Regions such as Looking Glass are firm favourites because of the spectacular view of the local marine wildlife that it provides.

Tomaree National ParkAside from enjoying the countless aquatic pleasures that Nelson Bay provides, there are other events and things to do. Tourists can for instance go walking along the paths of Tomaree National park which offers many amazing views. They may also get memorable views by visiting the Gan Gan lookout.

Nelson Bay, NSW has several outstanding architectural buildings reflecting its evolution over the years. One of these is the Nelson Head Lighthouse. Erected in 1872 and presently still active, the lighthouse is among the stronger visitor attractions in the region. Just like a few of the lookouts within the region, visitors in the Nelson head lighthouse can enjoy beautiful views from the top of the tower.

Like most towns, Nelson bay has its own share of festivals and traditions. You will get an even better experience out of your vacation by scheduling your trip for any one of these. A hugely popular event is the ‘Festival of Whales’ which is held annually to mark the seasonal migration of whales. During the period, you’ll be able to view art displays, enjoy local music and engage in some whale watching.

When all is said and done, Nelson Bay, NSW is a perfect spot for anyone who is looking for the perfect holiday with some splashing in mind. You’ll be able to find and reserve suitable Nelson Bay accommodation options with little or no difficulty depending on what your preferences are. The legend of Nelson Bay is a constantly repeated song. Don’t just listen to it. Take a visit to the town and join in the global troupe.

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