Discover what Mudgee in Australia has to offer

Mudgee has the air of a quiet hamlet waiting to welcome you when you arrive. The name means nest in the hills in the aboriginal language. Nestled right up in the foothills it offers a pastoral and relaxing ambiance of warmth and agricultural. Take a seat and enjoy a glass of wine while the town shows you her beauty.

The wine culture of Australia is fast becoming important not only in New South Wales but in the world. That means that this little hamlet has a front row seat to some amazing new varieties of wine from the over forty wineries that make their home here. Where you have wine you have food. Mudgee delivers on that front too. The restaurants are filled with local agriculture more than just in your glass. All this is set in a town that boasts four National Trust of Australia buildings. Take a historic walk through the town before or after you enjoy your lovely meal.

With wine and agriculture brings new types of delicious goodies. The honey from this area is special and delicious. It is a great gift to bring back after your vacation away. Try also the olives and the olive oil that is a budding industry for this region.

The proximity to Sydney makes this the perfect spot for a weekend vacation. Go to the beauty of this area and unwind from the hustle and bustle of your world in one of the many Mudgee accommodation nsw options available. Enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious meal while you settle into the relaxing day in front of you.

The area is a plethora of not only wonders for the taste buds but sights for the eyes and spirit as well. For the adventurous there are many natural places to roam. The Coolah Tops National Park is the view to show the land below you and admire the beauty of the region. Or enjoy meandering the Goulbum River in a canoe and stop on the shore to enjoy a picnic lunch. There are four National Parks here so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Mudgee Observatory is open to see more than just the landscape but peruse the skies above. The vistas are huge and the astronomers can fill you in on all the stunning stars, planets, and galaxies you can see.

Take a helicopter ride to survey the region, vines, and all the beauty of the land below you. Rent bikes and take a tour through the vines and stop to taste wine along the way. Maybe you want to sit back and relax and let someone guide you to wonderful wines. Pack a picnic basket with goodies like local honey and olives and enjoy a blissful day of delicious tastes.

Planning your getaway around the various festivals that occur here is another way to see the town of Mudgee shining. Savour the new and exciting varieties of wine at the Wine Festival that occurs in September. Or find your inner movie star at the Short Film Festival that happens in March. The Music Festival is in December to bring your year to a musical close.

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