Step back in history in Newcastle Australia

In New South Wales, Australia, one city remembers its links to early European settlements and the important role convicts played in its construction. Newcastle embraces connections to the past as well as its ongoing relationship with the sea that lashes its shores. Today, visitors come to be wowed by past and present attractions.

The Lock Up The Lock-Up presents a bleak view of past penal life with its tiny cells. Tourists may come away feeling saddened for the people imprisoned here, knowing that many suffered simply for the courage to voice an opinion. Tour museum relics and displays with your family or as part of a school group. Take the time to view art by many locals whose work is presented in bright contrast to their sad surroundings.

Christ Church Cathedral has shown its resilience against war and an earthquake, standing tall today for visitors to admire its grace and beauty. Many tall stained glass windows were designed and created by famous Pre-Raphaelite painters from England. This sacred building maintains a bright aspect, along with exquisite marble flooring. Materials came from Australia and Italy, the latter in particular when earthquake repairs were required.

No one knows where the Nobbys gets its name, but this oddly-dubbed island performs a serious role. While welcoming vessels into Newcastle Harbour, it also offers the protection of a lighthouse. Many ships have been wrecked along this coast and numerous lives lost. The most recent wreck of merely a few years ago ended well with the ship re-floating and no lives lost. Guides will show the curious resting places of many unfortunate vessels.

At Lee Wharf on Hunter River enjoy active displays run by the Maritime Centre. Gain a better understanding of important sea-based industry to the people of Newcastle since the city first became official around 150 years ago. Bogey Hole marks the spot of an odd, sometimes dangerous pass time. Residents like to jump into this busy bathing hole from the cliffs above, or risk the waves which rush in during a storm, holding onto chains or getting washed out to sea. During good weather, safely soak up some sun without getting sand in your bathing suit.

Fort Scratchley displays relics from its 1870s origins and action during the Second World War. Guns fired here to defend the city over sixty years ago remain for the perusal of interested visitors. Guide yourself throughout the museum or join a tour, but make sure you go up top. A wide view over the harbour and sea may afford a glimpse of whales or dolphins passing through.

Enjoy all kinds of snacks and cuisine during a wander along the city streets. Precincts combine art galleries, pubs, cafes and restaurants serving Greek, Italian and more. The pubs get pretty busy along here, so if you hope to meet other tourists like yourself, this could be the place to do it.

Stay on a severe budget with backpacker accommodation or bring your young family to a resort. Newcastle Hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts will locate tourists in the city or suburbs. All kinds of lodgings wait for your booking. Rent an apartment with friends helping to cover the cost. Visit a spa for some self-care. Opt for the tranquility of a vineyard retreat.

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