Backpack Hostels in Australia

If you are already familiar with Australian hostel accommodation, or backpacker/youth hostels in general, skip right down to where I tell you how to best book a hostel in Australia, so you don’t pay more than you need to.

In fact, that social atmosphere is the best aspect of backpacker hostel accommodation in Australia.

If a region offers lots of work for backpackers (like fruit picking), then it will also offer lots of backpacker hostels.

Australian working hostels, as they are called, are a slightly different breed from the above mentioned resort style backpacker hostels.

While pricier than the dorm beds, the rooms at Australian backpacker hostels are still much cheaper than Australian hotel or motel accommodation.

Prices at backpacker hostels in Australia vary as wildly as the facilities.

Many Australian backpacker hostels belong to either the YHA (Youth Hostel Association, part of the Int.

With about 150 Australian youth hostels in both organisations, that gives you 300 backpacker hostels in Australia to choose from where you get a discount.

Now, I still haven’t told you how to book a backpacker hostel and where to find the best prices, have I? Like at all other booking sites, the descriptions of the backpacker hostels are provided by the hostel itself.


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